About Westminster Classic Tours

Theatre Ephesosbay-near-KalkanAt Westminster Classic Tours we specialise in high-quality, meticulously-planned tours to compelling historical sites in Turkey, the Greek islands and along the Dalmatian coast.

Travelling in small groups, we sail in beautiful, professionally-run boats that are among the very best of their type. 

Offering a perfect combination of discovery and leisure, our trips follow the routes of the ancients along breathtaking coastlines. We look in detail at inspiring sites that disclose rich layers of civilisation and chart the rise and fall of Ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, and Venice, fascinating histories that provide us with a context for discussion of more recent developments.

Our itineraries feature sites whose spectacular remains have been the scene of European culture’s most significant achievements in the arts, architecture, rational thought and natural philosophy. We also visit more remote spots in stunning, unspoilt natural surroundings.

All our tours are accompanied by a lecturer or tour leader – sometimes both. Historians, archaeologists, classicists and other specialists unstintingly share their expertise and enthusiasm.

The focus on getting to know sites of historical importance is complemented by an emphasis on relaxation and leisure to give you a truly memorable holiday. There are many opportunities to unwind in magical settings, with good company, entertaining conversation and first-class food and wine. Virtually all but the cost of your flight is included in the price; extras are minimal and stated in advance.