Westminster Classic Tours

For more than twenty years we have been taking small groups of people to Turkey, Greece and the Croatian coast.

As a modestly sized company with a very loyal following we are always looking to create new journeys that will appeal to those who are regular guests as well as those who are travelling with us for the first time.

We make an early start to the cruising season with a visit to the Aegean in April when the ancient sites are carpeted with spring flowers. To lead this new tour of ‘The Aegean in Bloom’ we are delighted to welcome Martyn Rix, eminent botanist, expert on the flora of Greece and Turkey, plant collector and editor of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine. James McKay, classist and poet will join Martyn in making this trip a special experience.

Also for the first time, as part of our Adriatic tours, we will be visiting Montenegro. Before a relaxing week’s cruise along the Dalmatian coast, guests on John Shorter’s ‘Illyrian Spring’ trip will set out from the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia to spend two days exploring Risan, Kotor and Budva in Montenegro.

For those of you who love to walk, John Weston has scouted out a wonderful Autumn tour, much of it hiking along the recently opened Carian Trail, an 800 km path which encompasses magnificent archaeological sites, stunning scenery and crystal clear waters.

Not least in terms of new opportunities, Richard Stoneman will be lecturing on our inaugural tour of the fascinating lands of the ancient Hittite kingdom.

We are always thrilled when a new idea becomes an old favourite and so we are really pleased to be offering you another chance to join our very popular cruise to the Cycladic Islands. Add to this our well-loved tours to Turkey and some of the greatest monuments of Classical culture and we hope you will agree that this year’s programme has something for everyone!


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